About Tommy K.


My name is Tommy Kuusisto and I have loved art and been an artist my entire life. Growing up I liked to draw monster trucks, various characters, and even sometimes write and illustrate my own stories. While in high school I took classes in Art History, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Video Editing, Layout & Design and so on. After high school I attended college at The Art Institutes International MN and received my associates degree in Multimedia/Web Design. 13 years later I went back to  school at AI once again and earned my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. In 2011 I started TK Artworks and began selling my paintings and accepting commission projects. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who have seen my work which is very gratifying to me. I currently live in the Twin Cities/Minneapolis area of MN. I am also a musician, a skateboarder and a snowboarder. Most of my family lives here in MN. I also have family in Colorado and Arizona, two of my favorite places in the country! Please get a hold of me if you are interested in buying artwork or having me paint a portrait for you. Thanks!
-Tommy Kuusisto.