Want paintings?

TK (Tommy Kuusisto) Artworks has been operating since 2011 and deals in specialty fine art. If you are interested in purchasing original artwork or having commission work done I'm your man! My area of expertise is black and white portraits, but I am certainly not opposed to painting in color if that is what you would like. I have received only positive feedback from my clients and if needed I can provide references. I have done paintings of peoples' children, loved ones, favorite musicians, favorite actors, pets, city skylines, landscapes, still lifes and so on. All that I need in order to create a custom piece of art for you is a photograph (decent resolution) of what you would like me to paint. And if by any chance you don't have a specific picture in mind, I will gladly help you find one that will work well as a painting. Whether it's for a home decoration, an office wall, or a gift for a loved one, nothing is as unique as custom made artwork. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for checking out my website and artwork, I really do appreciate it!

-Tommy Kuusisto